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Carolyn Cobelo with Kevin Ryerson

Carolyn Cobelo with Kevin Ryerson

Carolyn Cobelo with Dean Stockwell

Carolyn Cobelo with Dean Stockwell

Carolyn with her friend, healer & actress Lindsay Wagner at Carolyn's 2011 Akasha Metaphysical Film Festival.


Carolyn CobeloCarolyn Cobelo, Director & Founder

Carolyn E. Cobelo is an internationally known spiritual healer, channel, author, filmmaker who has inspired thousands of people worldwide to open their hearts to the Divine. Carolyn's spiritual journey began in 1978 with an initiation from an Indian guru which activated her healing and channeling abilities. She began her healing practice in Gestalt therapy, and eventually worked alongside Barbara Brennan in New York. A few years later she established the School of Akashic Evolution, which integrated hands-on-healing, channeling, and Transpersonal Psychology in New York and Argentina.

Carolyn has written ten spiritual books, invented a spiritual board game, directed two award-winning documentary films on the power of sacred space, and has produced two metaphysical film festivals. Over 100,000 people have downloaded Carolyn's materials and she regularly appears on successful teleseminars, such as Awakening with the Masters and Inner Healing Compass with Karen & Salma.

Thor Schulte-StarcherThor Schulte-Starcher, Director of Development

Carolyn's husband, Mr. Schulte-Starcher is a former Santa Fe real estate agent. He is currently working with Carolyn on Akasha Sacred Travel series on Maui.


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Carolyn with husband Thor filming in Bali



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