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Moorish Castle, Sintra

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Fishing Boat, Tavira

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Architectural Variation, Evora

Portuguese House

Fabrica Beach near Tavira

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AKASHA SACRED TRAVEL: Europe by Carolyn Cobelo


Travel to Greece, France, England, & Spain from your livingroom! Discover the mysteries behind Europe's massive cathedrals, hidden sanctuaries, stone stone circles, and secret caves.


Akasha Evolution Retreat in Portugal


Akasha Evolution Retreat in Portugal

April 30-May 3, 2015 • Tavira, Portugal
Cost $300 US. Exclusive of food, transportation and accomodations.

Chanting. Meditation. Channeling. Telepathic Communication. Attunement to Sacred Space. Energetic Healing. Afterlife Journeying.

Carolyn Ewing Cobelo, channel for Mother Mary, spiritual healer and teacher, afterlife midwife, author and filmmaker, will lead the first Akasha Evolution Retreat in Europe. This is an introductory retreat, in which Carolyn will teach the initial stages of channeling, telepathic communication, energetic healing and afterlife journeying.

Carolyn, a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico and Tavira, Portugal, is the author of ten spiritual books (digital and paperback on Amazon.com). Her latest book, "Bridge to Beyond: true Stories of an Afterlife Midwife", presents her personal experiences of communicating and guiding souls as they pass into the Afterlife. She has been an afterlife midwife since the 1980's, but is only now bringing these intimate stories to the public.

Carolyn teaches from her direct experience, so that this retreat will reflect her own personal knowledge of how to create a bridge between our physical reality and our higher-dimensional realities. This retreat will assist us in our personal and collective spiritual evolution, facilitating the expansion of our capacity to meet the challenges of our rapidly-changing world.



The Akasha Evolution Retreats take place in town of Tavira on the Algave coast of southern Portugal. Beautiful beaches line this coastline, which includes secluded coves, high cliffs, unusual rock formations, quaint fishing villages, and vast expanses of soft golden sand. Reknown for its stunning climate, unlimited leisure facilities, local fisheries and extensive salt-mines, this Algave boasts over 300 days of sunshine. The people here are warm and friendly, the food is delicious and the local wine is suberb. The abundance of history, culture and natural beauty mixed with high building standards, quaint villages, gentle pine forests and extensive vineyards to create a fascinating landscape.

Tavira, located slightly inland on the banks of the Gilao River near the border with Spain, is a charming coastal town with a castle, narrow cobblestone streets, and ancient Moorish architecture. It is known as the most pictoresque city in the Algave with its history going back to Neolithic times. It is famous for its 37 churches and monasteries, some dating back to the 13th century, salt-mines, an ancient tuna fishing village and extensive olive and orange groves which cover its rolling hills.
What is amazing is the sense of peace that pervades the town and the surrounding area, reminding us of what is truly important in life.


We request that you attend the complete retreat. Because of the intensity of the retreat and the sequencing of events, partial attendance would be disruptive to you and your fellow attendees.

Thursday: April 30, 2015 4-7 PM Opening ceremony. Introduction to channeling, energetic healing, chanting and afterlife journeying. Film clip.

Friday: May 1, 2015 10 AM -1PM, 3 PM-7 PM Channeling instruction and practice. May Day Ceremony

Saturday: May 2, 2015 10 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM-7 PM Energy healing, attunement to sacred space and telepathic communication instruction and practice.

Sunday: May 3, 2015 10 AM-1 PM, 3PM-7 PM Afterlife Journeying instruction and practice. Closing ceremony.

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