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Sacred Space: Searching for the SourceSacred Space: The Magical Land of Hawaii

Searching for the Source

Carolyn Cobelo's multiple award-winning documentary explores energetic ley lines and vortexes in the sacred sites of Guatemala, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, the red rocks of Sedona, and New Mexico.

SACRED SPACE: The Magical Land of Hawaii

Learn how to harness the power of sacred space from top experts, authors and spiritual luminaries. Explore Hawaiian temples, ancient petroglyphs, hula dances, and sacred volcanoes, some previously unexplored on film.


Morning Star - Akasha Entertainment FilmsAkasha Entertainment's Feature Films

Morning Star: Legend of the Sacred Stone
An original screenplay In Development
Screenwriter & Executive Producer: Carolyn E. Cobelo
Production Assistance: IronThorn Studios

MORNING STAR, LEGENDS OF THE SACRED STONE is a supernatural mystery thriller with the excitement and adventure of Indiana Jones and the mystery and intrigue of The Da Vinci Code. It is the story of a woman's realization of her supernatural powers, as she races against a black magician to find three magical stone cups. These cups, which respond to focused thought and desire, have the power to manipulate physical reality on a massive scale.

Isabella, a shy, phobic anthropology professor, travels to Merida, Mexico, where she lived as a child, after her husband, Arthur, dies in a car accident. In Merida Isabella finds her former nanny, Maria, who is delighted to see her. Maria invites Isabella to stay in the convent, where she is the housekeeper. Maria, who is secretly a clairvoyant native shaman, informs Isabella about her destiny, which is to reunite three magical stone cups, brought to Earth long ago by beings from Venus. Isabella is at first resistant and overwhelmed by this information. When Maria brings her back to life through her healing powers, Isabella begins to believe her.

Antara: On the Edge of Darkness - - Akasha Entertainment FilmsAntara: On The Edge of Darkness
For investment and production opportunities, and to receive a copy of the business plan, please contact Carolyn Cobelo

The 2nd in the "Legend of the Sacred Stone" series.

An original screenplay by Carolyn Cobelo

Antara: On The Edge of Darkness is a story of an American woman, who discovers her supernatural powers as she fights against a cult of dark magicians in Bali, Indonesia.

ISABELLA and PETER, bonded by their love and shared battle against black magicians, fly to Bali to meet Isabella's daughter, ALEX, for a vacation. Isabella reluctantly leaves behind three magical stone cups that she and Peter found in Mexico.

It is the evening before a Balinese festival in which the island remains in the dark for 36 hours to prevent the evil spirits from landing on the island. During the festival a priest invites the guesthouse owners and their guests to a secret ceremony. On the way to the ceremony their van is hijacked by black magic terrorists, looking for victims. The terrorists take the group to an island known for its demons, which is feared by all Balinese including the police. By the time the prisoners escape into the jungle, two guests have died.

A Balinese tour guide befriends the female guests in the jungle, while the men seek reinforcements. Isabella, empowered by her re-awakened memories of ancient past lives, awakens the cosmic energies of ANTARA, a pre-historic extraterrestrial being living in a large stone sculpted head. Antara, who is highly sensitive to the content of human thought, uses her power of life and death to assist the prisoners, enabling them to fight heroically against the black magicians. Isabella blossoms as a re-awakened Lumerian priestess and exerts her powers. For those who survive, the ordeal becomes a gift of spiritual awakening that changes their lives forever.

Carolyn Cobelo - Akasha Films


Morning Star: Legend of the Sacred Stone
Antara: On The Edge of Darkness
For investment and production opportunities, and to receive a copy of the business plan, please contact Carolyn Cobelo
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