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Mastery is the art and science of self-evolution, giving the essence of power while softening and opening the heart.

Mastery is the will and the breath of empowerment from within, bringing life to the heart and peace to the mind.

Mastery balances the light and the dark, while melting the karmic armor which restricts full self-expression.

Mastery is acting spontaneously, sometimes turning about face, without fear, trusting that a positive outcome, often hidden, awaits patiently just around the corner.

Mastery brings forth truth by withholding fear and doubt, letting love flow through the currents of mind, body and soul, shining light to dissolve the darkness.

Mastery is having the determination and strength to move forward intuitively with confidence under conditions which may appear hopeless and dangerous.

Mastery is denying sacrifice and supporting self-worth, eliminating the voices that create fear and self-doubt.

Mastery allows for the experience to be fully free, giving life to unrealized dreams and expression to unfulfilled talents.

Mastery is an on-going series of accomplishments within and without in the world, allowing for negativity to become freed and released into the All-Mighty force of the Oneness.

Mastery evolves with the help of all vehicles which open the heart to love and envelopment of spirit: Channeling; Chanting; Meditation: Prayer; Healing; Dancing; Attunement; and Telepathy.


Akasha Evolution Retreat in Portugal


Akasha Entertainment presents


with Carolyn Ewing Cobelo

November 6-8, 2015

La Quinta da Akasha • Santa Barbara de Nexe • Portugal

Carolyn Ewing Cobelo, a master metaphysician and spiritual healer, is a channel for Mother Mary and Zarathustra, author of ten spiritual books, singer of Akasha Chants, pilgrimage leader to sacred places and an afterlife midwife. In this weekend course Carolyn will channel messages from Mary concerning evolving personal mastery. She will present spiritual tools to assist in opening and balancing individual energy fields to facilitate spiritual evolution and positive physical, emotional and mental growth.


Megalithic Stones, Portugal   Faro Beach, Portugal
Megalithic Stones, Portugal
Faro Island, Portugal

Threshing Circle, Qiinta da Akasha   Flowers, Qiinta da Akasha
Threshing Circle, Quinta da Akasha
Faro Market

Villa, Qiinta da Akasha   Poolside, Qiinta da Akasha
Villa, Quinta da Akasha
Poolside, Quinta da Akasha

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