The Spring of Hope: Messages from Mary by Carolyn Cobelo

The Spring of Hope:
Messages from Mother Mary

Carolyn Cobelo's classic
inspirational book of channeled
messages from Mother Mary will help
you understand the spirit world!


Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an After-life Midwife

Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an After-life Midwife

In Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an After-life Midwife, Carolyn Ewing Cobelo reveals her real experiences of guiding and communicating with souls, as they cross over to the Other Side after physical death. Each of her fascinating stories is unique and individualized, mirroring the personality and cultural perspective of the person whose soul is making this journey. Carolyn has also discovered common, universal elements of the after-life passage, which she describes here in vivid detail. This book offers essential wisdom for anyone interested in life after death.


Esteban's Ascension by Carolyn Cobelo

Esteban's Ascension: A True Story of After Death Communication

This true spiritual adventure tells the story of spiritual teacher Carolyn Cobelo's communication with her husband's spirit just after he died and her subsequent reunion with him on the Other Side.


Crossing Over: A Journey to the Light & Meditations on Death and Dying by Carolyn Cobelo

Crossing Over:
A Journey to the Light

A Perfect gift for those struggling with death and grief issues. Guided Meditations on the Afterlife! Available as a CD.


Angels: Connecting With Your Guides in Spirit by Carolyn Cobelo

Angels: Connect To Your Guides

Guided meditations and exercises to see, hear, and feel your Highest Divine Wisdom on the Other Side! Available as a CD.


"Mary: The Most Powerful Woman in the World"

– National Geographic December 2015

Carolyn channels the spirit of this woman!

Akasha Evolution Retreat in Portugal


Akasha Entertainment presents


Saturday, December 5 & Sunday, December 6, 2015

Totnes Natural Health Center • Totnes, Devon, England

CAROLYN EWING COBELO, a world-renown American spiritual healer and meta-physician, will lead an inspirational course on evolving mastery in the current turbulent times. She will channel personal messages from Mother Mary concerning how each person can develop and apply their unique (sometimes undiscovered) inner talents and passions and how to clear blocks to expression of their full potential. Carolyn will also discuss life after death, which is the subject of her latest book, Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an Afterlife Midwife, and messages she has received from the spirits of volcanoes and other sacred places around the world.

This multi-faceted course which will include chanting, meditation, channeling and dancing, will help you open to the realization your full individual expression.

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