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Conversations with Mary: Evolving Mastery, England

Conversations with Mary:
Evolving Mastery

December 5 and 6, 2015




AKASHA SACRED TRAVEL: Europe by Carolyn Cobelo


"This is a place of celebration, sanctity,and alignment with the stars and planets. Long ago people danced in ecstasy to the rhythm of the Earth on the holy days and received through their bare feet the powerful healing forces of the Earth. The spiral dance was the focus of their ceremonies as they moved to the deep pulse of the Earth's vibration."– An excerpt from the chapter on Stonehenge in Akasha Sacred Travel: Europe

Akasha Sacred Travel: Europe offers a brief description of each of twenty-one sacred places in Europe with a spirit message, power center recommendation and prayer for each one. This book will enhance your appreciation for and insight into the power and wisdom held in each of these beautiful, mysterious sacred sites.

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Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an After-life Midwife

In Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an After-life Midwife, Carolyn Ewing Cobelo reveals her real experiences of guiding and communicating with souls, as they cross over to the Other Side after physical death. Each of her fascinating stories is unique and individualized, mirroring the personality and cultural perspective of the person whose soul is making this journey. Carolyn has also discovered common, universal elements of the after-life passage, which she describes here in vivid detail. This book offers essential wisdom for anyone interested in life after death.



AVALON: Temple of
Connection Game

Avalon: Temple of Connection Game

"A mystical journey...
that facilitates self-healing."

Designed by Carolyn Cobelo, this one-of-a kind non-competitive transformational spiritual board game helps you release karmic patterns, activate self-healing, open creative blocks, and express your inner potential.




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The Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 began about 8:30 AM at the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge near London, England. This is a world-famous ancient healing site, sacred to cultures around the globe. Remains of people who died here show that many sick and injured people made pilgrimages here.

There was a soft light cover of clouds over the Sun, so we could look safely at the Eclipse, which began as a slim, dark semi-circle on the right outer rim of the Sun. As the semi-circle widened, the weather grew colder with more wind. It did not occur to me until later that the progressive cold was due to the Moon blocking out the Sun's warm light.

The crowd, mostly of Europeans, milled around on the path around the circle of giant stones. TV news teams moved through the crowd, interviewing people of all ages, as we struggled to bundle up against the unexpected cold.

I asked in meditation, what the purpose of this circle was. I heard, as I have heard a number of times before, that the circle was a place of alignment and communication with other beings on other celestial bodies. You can read more about this in my book: Akasha Sacred Travel: Europe.

I began to walk with my husband around the giant circle. Suddenly, I felt as if a giant hand had come up from under the ground and grabbed my legs. I asked my husband to stop. I could not walk.

I stood still, staring at the stones, unable to move. In a few minutes I realized that this was the force of the electric-magnetic energy of the circle running through my legs. I was being a conduit, like the stones, of the huge force of energy held here. I wondered why the energy stopped at my knees. Later I heard in meditation that the force of the energy would be too great for the rest of my body to tolerate. I waited about five minutes and then tried out my legs. I could walk but my legs felt numb from the knees down for about an hour.

The Solar Eclipse intensified the already powerful energetic force of the circle by creating the linear alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon at that time. Once again I felt the real, physical force of the healing and transformative energy of this sacred place.


March 20, 2015 Stonehenge – Solar Eclipse at 8:31-9:31 AM

Eclipse Begins

Eclipse Progressing

Eclipse Halfway

Eclipse Arriving



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