"Your book really blew me away. As a practicing hospice nurse for many years in the States, I had the opportunity to accompany and support many patients at the end of life, working with both them and their families. I saw people as they prepared to die, some struggling to their final breath and others at great peace. And, I saw every kind of variation, as you can imagine.


I was fortunate enough to train with some wonderful Buddhist teachers who helped shape my way of accompanying those facing their final weeks, days and hours. Yet, interestingly, nothing in my training really addressed the idea of what happens to the soul after death. As well, I did some training in Jewish after-death rituals which offered insights and ideas on how to care for and respect the body of the deceased, but this dealt with the body.... not the soul.


So, it was with great openness that I approached your book and your work. I felt the love and devotion you have for your work on every single page. The book is informative and infinitely thought provoking. I suspect it took a lot of courage for you to write this book. It is obvious you gave a lot of thought into how best to present the material ...caring that your reader would learn and grosw more interested in what happens after we die.


You have done an amazing job of organizing and presenting some complicated stories. You are such a talented writer and your love shines through in this book."


– Susan


"I recently lost my brother and Carolyn's words provided the much needed comfort I was seeking."


– Dayna Harrison, Maryland, USA


"I'll never forget and always be grateful for your help in guiding my mother to her next stage after she "died". It was so amazing and you helped her when she was so afraid and then she was greeted by her childhood friend.

I think of that often when I think of mom and just marvel at the kindness and love that night when she was struggling to go and I called you and you guided her. So wonderful Thank you thank you.'"


– Sheila Niramaya Frantz


"Loved your new book...Truth, Love and Simplicity...Bhole Baba Ki Jai. Lots of love to you and Thor"

– Tommy Gardner


Also Available at

Esteban's Ascension by Carolyn Cobelo

Esteban's Ascension: A True Story of After Death Communication

This true spiritual adventure tells the story of spiritual teacher Carolyn Cobelo's communication with her husband's spirit just after he died and her subsequent reunion with him on the Other Side.


Crossing Over: A Journey to the Light & Meditations on Death and Dying by Carolyn Cobelo

A Journey to the Light

A Perfect gift for those struggling with death and grief issues. Guided Meditations on the Afterlife! Available as a CD.


Angels: Connecting With Your Guides in Spirit by Carolyn Cobelo

ANGELS: Connect To Your Guides

Guided meditations and exercises to see, hear, and feel your Highest Divine Wisdom on the Other Side! Available as a CD.




In BRIDGE TO BEYOND, TRUE STORIES OF AN AFTER-LIFE MIDWIFE Carolyn Ewing Cobelo reveals her real experiences of guiding and communicating with souls, as they cross over to the Other Side after physical death. Each of her fascinating stories is unique and individualized, mirroring the personality and cultural perspective of the person whose soul is making this journey. Carolyn has also discovered common, universal elements of the after-life passage, which she describes here in vivid detail. This book offers essential wisdom for anyone interested in life after death.

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Book Release! November 15, 2014 Santa Fe, NM


Carolyn Cobelo in PortugalCAROLYN EWING COBELO, President of Akasha Enterprises and Akasha Entertainment, is a world-renown spiritual teacher and healer, author, filmmaker, producer, director, screenwriter and pilgrimage leader. She has produced and directed two metaphysical film festivals and is the founder of the School for Akashic Evolution in New York and Argentina. Carolyn is committed to bringing metaphysical art and universal spiritual wisdom to the world, in order to promote higher consciousness, cross-cultural understanding and global communication.

CAROLYN EWING COBELO lives on the Algave Coast in Portugal. She continues to travel the world, researching cross-cultural perspectives of life before birth and life after death.


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